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Humberto Cuan is a visual artist and a self taught musician from Bogota Colombia with extensive experience within the national artistic scene.

He has dedicating more than 30 years to painting, 25 years to teaching and 15 years to music and photography.

He studied Marketing and Advertising. Years later he dedicated himself completely to the visual arts. He has studied art in Colombia, Spain and France. His paintings have been exhibited in individual and collective exhibitions in different galleries in Colombia, USA, Spain and France.


Cuan painted the human figure not out of inspiration in , but rather curiosity in the human being and it’s behavior towards itself and society.


In 2014  as a necessity, he decides to take a break and dedicate himself fully to his meditative practices, delving into one of the topics that he is most passionate about: Quantum, musical composition and production. In this same year, he began a project that he called INTERTWINED(1)

In 2017, as a teacher he created and developed the painting workshop called TODOS PODEMOS PINTAR. "We All Can Paint"(2)  for the Museum of Modern Art of Bogota. A project which in its initial stage was taught in four different

locations in the city to people in vulnerable conditions. Currently this workshop is open and aimed at anyone who is interested in seeing and enjoying art as an expression of the soul to raise their level of creativity and awareness.

In 2020, he created a digital text titled CONTEMPLATION (An Internal Journey) (3), where the written, the visual and the sound come together. A project that he refers to as "a sensory journey"

Over almost a decade, abstraction knocked on his door several times, but while he was experimenting, Cuan continued taking photos and drawing his characters, perhaps to keep in touch with his countrymen. 


Both INTERTWINED and CONTEMPLATION are born in a moment of absolute introspection. But for Humberto it was imperative to balance it with what came from outside. This is how after 9 years he returns to his strange characters; timeless and somewhat androgynous beings, "that do not exist but are everywhere, in each one of us, vibrating in unison".

The human being, his actions, his relationship with nature and the management of his energy  and vibration have

always been a source of interest and inspiration for this restless artist. In the last 4 years he has

focused on accompanying understanding and analyzing the clinical process of his partner, who has

a medical condition that is treated with therapeutic techniques that cause pain. Cuan began to

treat her with sounds, words and images.


To this day he continues to live in the countryside; hoping that the new work can transmit something of everything he learned during these 9 years of absence. 


(2) TODOS PODEMOS PINTAR. "We All Can Paint"

(3)CONTEMPLATION (An Internal Journey)




By: Claudia Quiroga P.

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