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      Every page turned into pieces

      Each piece into a part of the work

      Each work into part of the opus





The consciousness of a common origin is lacking, of a mutual belonging and a shared future for everyone, as is a re establishment of material.

This basic conciseness will permit the development of new convictions, attitudes and forms of life. Thus begins a great cultural challenge, spiritual and educational that will involve long processes of regeneration.

This work addresses the theme of Energetic Interlacement that moves throughout the universe and that does not only occur in nature surrounding us but also through ourselves, in each cell, making us one with everyone and everything converting itself in an experience of harmony and universal unity, present and infinite.

There is a reciprocal influence between the human being and nature, between our internal world and our material reality. This way, from within we influence our external world and vice versa.



Bits of sheets full of notes and sketches kept for almost 30 years, receipts, advertising flyers, toy money and other objects were mixed with the oil paint generating almost the texture a stone.

Here the paper is recycled, conceptually to feel its return to its origin, nature, being a messenger of union and life. The colored threads show the universal energetic matrix that makes us one with everyone else. And finally the titles make an allegory of the unity and the interconnection.

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