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CONTEMPLATION is comprised of 7 small format oil on canvas paintings.

I began this pictorial project inspired by rocks and their role throughout history. Fascinated by the power they have had as an instrument of communication; attracted by their magic as instruments of rituals and seduced by their sacredness. The textures transport me to mountains or to the banks of a river, the lines are strokes vibrating in union and searching a direct communication with the universe. The pastiness of the paint shows as volcanic magma, as fertilizer of life.

A song was born for each painting, musical pieces that established a perfect communion. The images, the sounds that blossom from each and the words join to give birth to this DAB (Digital Art Book) entitled CONTEMPLATION (an internal voyage).

This work is an offering of experiences lived as an inhabitant of the earth and as an artist, which with humility I deliver to be converted into strength, understanding and maturity.

It is a sensorial journey which if permitted will bring the viewer as it did me to be part of a tree, a rock or a star; you only have to breath, observe and listen to vibrate in sync with nature.

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